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by Manuela Nnaka, Lagos state.

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The only time I experienced a similar testimony like this one was from Mr Augustine Okoh, a 70-year old retired civil servant, after he purchased "The Mini Importers Bible" - another internet classic on how to start a mini importation business in Nigeria with little capital and no connection or import licence.

This testimony by Manuela Nnaka truly blew me away! And believe me. She is destined for greatness as far as internet marketing is concerned.

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Alright, read more awesome testimonies below from 22 years old Funke Owolaja from Lagos state who sent this message to me after earning her first $100 from Fiverr.

The Ultimate Fiverr Blueprint "Hooray Mr Kome Itoje! I just earned my first $100 from Fiverr! Thanks to your step by step guide - “The Ultimate Fiverr Blueprint”! When I bought that manual from you, little did I know how life-changing it would become for me."

She continues: "I followed the simple process outlined in the guide, created my account and profile on Fiverr, put up 7 hot selling gigs based on your recommendation.

"I also followed your suggestions and strategies to a tee with respect to marketing and promoting my gigs and – boom! – I got 3 orders in quick succession within the first 6 hours of joining Fiverr.

"But, that was just the beginning! Within the next three days, I got 20 orders. Oh boy! Was I thrilled beyond measure!

"Now, I have over 30 orders in queue I am a little scared I may not be able to deliver them on time.

"This is so simple that anyone can do this! I strongly recommend The Ultimate Fiverr Blueprint to everyone looking for a way to make money online - especially on Fiverr."

by Funke Owolaja, Lagos state.

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According to Funke "This is so simple that anyone can do this!" You may not believe it. But, honestly, it is so simple that even my own 10 years old nephew, Jeff, does it with ease.

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Perhaps you already know that Fiverr is an amazing site where you can offer various services and products from as low as $5 - you get paid $4, while the management of Fiverr keeps $1 or 20% of the price for each service to themselves for their troubles.

However, you may not know that you can lazily, leisurely and easily turn $5 or $4 into $80, $160... and even $800 and so on. But, you can. Personally, I make hundreds of dollars monthly from Fiverr. Other hugely successful top rated sellers are making a whale of money from Fiverr too.

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Video Testimonial by Susanne from Canada  

"’How To Earn $100 Daily From Fiverr' by Kome Itoje is awesome. It is presented in a really simple manner that even a teenager can understand. And the strategies in the book are really easy to implement.

So, if you are looking for a way to make money from Fiverr, I would strongly recommend that you read this book first!"

- Susanne Wright, Ontario, Canada.

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    How To Get Started On Fiverr In The Next 15 Minutes Without Any Money

  • You will learn how to open a Fiverr account with Britain, US or any other foreign country as your country of residence – Fiverr displays the country where the account is registered (NOTE: sellers from foreign nationalities get preferential treatment over those in Nigeria)

  • The complete version of this book will also show you how to properly create your profile, the name you should use as your username, what to include in your description, and the appropriate image to use for your profile in order to generate more sales

  • ”How To Earn $100 Daily From Fiverr…” e-book will similarly show you how to overcome buyer discrimination and get your first order as a new seller within 2 hours of setting up your gigs

  • Be prepared to be further amazed as you will learn how to get a 100% positive rating within the first 24 hours on Fiverr – without any rating, it is very difficult to get sales on Fiverr (as a new seller on Fiverr, it is not easy getting a sale or the positive feedback of buyers)

  • You will also learn how to become a Level 1 Seller on Fiverr within one week – you need at least 10 gigs sold to become Level 1 Seller

    How To Identify Hot Selling Services or Gigs on Fiverr

  • The complete version of The Ultimate Fiverr Blueprint will further expose to you the Fiverr HOT SECRETS without which you can never make any substantial money on Fiverr.

  • 10 specific fast selling hot in demand services that sell like HOT CAKE (What you may have seen in the free copy is nothing compared to what you will discover in the complete version of the e-book)

  • 5 OTHER HOT NICHES aside from the ones mentioned in the free copy that you can base your Fiverr business on. And 3 Different Ways To Do Further Research for hot selling services on Fiverr. Trust me. There are over 20 HOT NICHES on the site!

  • ONE VERY HOT SERVICE to offer and deliver to your buyers within as little as 1 to 2 minutes time. This secret alone is worth the price of the book. Believe me!

Below is what Claire Simpson from Melbourne in Australia has to say about the strategies in the book "How To Earn $100 Daily From Fiverr..."

Video Testimonial by Claire from Australia  

"There are so many books that have been written on the subject of how to make money online. But, there is none to compare with the ebook ‘How To Earn $100 Daily From Fiverr’ by Kome Itoje.

Filled with easy to understand pictorial illustrations, the book is truly a newbie’s delight.

Honestly, you will surely be amazed at the many easy strategies in the book. Believe me. The book will take you from being a no-rated new seller to a top rated seller within a few weeks.

I strongly recommend it to everyone who desires to make money on Fiverr."

– Claire Simpson, Melbourne, Australia.

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    How to Become Level 2 Seller on Fiverr within 30 Days – OH YES! I will show you how you can Easily Land 50 Sales within 30 days GUARANTEED!

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  • How to promote and market your Fiverr services on social media and other websites for free traffic to your gigs (no need to build a website - this will wow you seriously!)

  • I will hand over to you on a silver platter OVER 20 HOT STRATEGIES to use to MOVE UP from a “No Rated” New Seller to a Top Rated Seller within just three months – that is 90 days!

  • You will also learn How To Source for Articles/Content Easily and Deliver within 10 to 15 Minutes for your Article Writing Service!

    How to Get Your Own Traffic Directed to Your Gigs!!!

  • Believe me! This WILL BLOW YOU AWAY!!! You Are About to Discover over 15 HOT STRATEGIES to adopt to market and promote your gigs and generate tons of visitors to your Fiverr gigs on a DAILY BASIS – only this method ALONE is guaranteed to give you sales!!!

    How to Leisurely, Lazily And Easily Earn $100 Daily From Fiverr

  • how you can lazily, leisurely and easily turn $5 or $4 into $80, $160... and even $800.

  • You will also discover a SIMPLE TRICK to deliver your articles without actually doing the work yourself and you get paid at least $50 instead of $5 for each article you deliver!

  • Handed Over to You on a Silver Platter are the Names of Three Different Websites Where You Can Use for Getting Workers Who Will Work For You At One Dollar For Every Service You Give Them!

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Who is Kome Itoje?

Kome Itoje - the man behind Fiverr Blueprint.netBut you may not be entirely convinced. You may be wondering to yourself: "By the way, who is Kome Itoje?"

Well, Kome Itoje is principally an accountant who works full-time with the civil service in Delta State of Nigeria. He is also an internet marketer who has been engaged in online business for over five (5) years now.

Some of his online properties are as follows: komeitoje.com, imheadquartersng.com, thenigeriahost.net, ourgoodiebag.com, onenairabulksms.com, trueloveadvisor.com, including this website www.fiverrblueprint.net.

Most importantly, Kome Itoje is the MD/CEO of "Komebiz International", an ICT resources and manpower development company that is legally registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria. He is married with children.

Below are the views of some persons who have had course to interact and conduct business dealings with the man Kome Itoje.

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