Work And Earn Dollars From Home In Nigeria!  

Work and earn dollars online for simple 15 minutes jobs from your home right here in Nigeria!

Yelp! You read that right! You can work and earn dollars right from your home in Nigeria without travelling abroad!

And this is not a ponzi scheme nor is it trading in bitcoins. It is 100% pure legal and legit online business which has been with us for many years now - long before the birth of any ponzi scheme!

As a matter of fact, this is by far better than the best ponzi scheme ever! Yes, indeed, you can earn cold hard American dollars online straight to your bank account right here in Nigeria!

earn dollars online in nigeria

"It's a lie!"

Believe me. It is no lie. This is for real!

As a matter of fact, you can earn 100 dollars to 500 dollars every single day of the week from the comfort of your home right here in Nigeria! No kidding.

Believe it or not, this is the same business that made Adetunji Gbolagade over N2.5m last year! And, believe me, you can earn even far more than that if you follow the simple step by step procedure very closely.


So, how is that possible?

Well, it is possible through a "little" website known as

What is

"What is Fiverr, how does it work and how can I join?"

Simply defined, is a freelance marketing website where you can work and earn between $100 to $500 daily for simple jobs that will not take more than 1 hour of your time to complete.

And $500 is not even the maximum you can earn on Some people earn more than that every day of the week!

Incredible! Maybe, but it is very true!

Now, just imagine earning $100 alone every single day for 30 days.

That is $3,000!

Now, let's do some arithmetic.

Converted to naira at even N350 to the dollar, that is N1,050,000 every month!

And that, my good friend, is over N12 million in a year!

earn dollars online in nigeria

Now, who says you cannot be a millionaire this year? Tell them they are dead wrong!!!!

With that kind of money, why will you not be able to build your own house or drive your dream car and even spend a vacation in the Caribbean within the next couple of years?

Honestly, you will never ever be broke ever again all your life!

Good bye poverty and financial embarrassment! Welcome to the good life!

So, how does Fiverr work?

Here are the steps involved:

Step One: Do research and ascertain the hot selling services on Fiverr

Step Two: Visit and register.

Step Three: Update your profile and garnish it as much as possible.

Step Four: Put up your hot selling services and start selling on the site.

But, mind you, it is not all services that pay on the site. While some are hot in demand, others are a sheer waste of precious time and energy. That is why it is very important for you to do research about the hot selling services before you even think of registering on the site.

By the way, you do not need any money to join Fiverr. All you need is a computer (desktop or laptop) or a good android phone or ipad, a modem, and an active data plan with any of the internet service providers. Get all that and you are good to go.

Therefore, if you are looking for how to make money online in Nigeria without spending a dime, then you should hurry and join Fiverr without delay!

Some Smoking Hot Services (Gigs) on

What are the hot in demand services to sell on Fiverr?

Some of them are as follows:

1. Image Editing / Creating Caricatures

2. Article Writing

The above gigs are in constant demand every single day of the week and if you want to make money from Fiverr, you must sell these ones on your profile.

Take a look at the following two examples in this regard.

Hot Selling Gigs On Fiverr

If you look at the image very closely, you will see that there are 209 orders in queue with 9 days delivery period. Multiplying 209 orders by 4 dollars will give you how much???

Note: $1 goes to the management of for their troubles - so you earn $4 for every $5 sales you make from the site.

Yeah! That is 836 dollars for 9 days work. For JUST ONE service. That is almost 100 dollars PER DAY!

Isn't that amazing??? Of course it is!!!

You can see from the image above that creating caricatures are very popular on Fiverr.

Take a look at the next image below.

Hot Selling Gigs On Fiverr

Did you notice that this seller has 15,041 reviews for this service alone? I checked the seller's profile and found that she has been on Fiverr since September 2011 and she has 99% overall rating and 55 orders in queue (as at 2015).

Now, tell me. If you were looking for this service and you see the gig rating and the many positive feedbacks, wouldn't you be satisfied and eagerly queue behind 55 other persons who have already ordered this service? I am sure you would!

Please multiply 15,041 by $4. What do you have?

I believe it is $60,164 from ONLY ONE GIG in a period of 4 years. That is awesome indeed!

Now, multiply $4 by the 55 orders in queue. What do you have? I believe you got $220.

All that sweet smelling cash from performing just one service alone? Oh, c'mon!

We have most certainly found another one of the hottest selling gigs on Fiverr!!!

So, you see???

It is possible to earn 100 dollars per day from the internet from your home in Nigeria without stress.

Other popular services are logo / graphic design, banner design, website traffic and related services, and so on.

I have detailed all the steps involved in performing all the gigs on Fiverr and earning a minimum of 100 dollars daily online in a book which I call "The Ultimate Fiverr Blueprint".

the ultimate fiverr blueprint

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not enough money


Outsourcing Explained

How do you perform those services or gigs on Simple. You can do them yourself. Or, if you do not know how to perform the gigs, you can learn and master the art of carrying them out.

But, this might take you weeks or even months for you to be able to perfect and master.

And looking back at those examples above, anyone would certainly be overwhelmed and almost swallowed up by the volume of work involved in carrying out those services - even if they are engaged in the business full time.

Are the sellers super human? If not, how are they able to perform the work to the satisfaction of the buyers and still be able to deliver the orders on time? What about yourself? Do you think you can perform any of the above services? No?

I know you will say: "Me? Oh, I am not Prof Wole Soyinka or Chinua Achebe oooo! I cannot write. Neither am I Michelangelo. I cannot draw with a pencil much less the computer".

But, what if I told you that there is a way that you can perform those services without lifting a finger and satisfy your buyers enough to earn 100% positive reviews each and every time? I am sure it would not look like a huge challenge any more!

Since those sellers are ordinary humans like you and me and have other activities that take up their time on a daily basis, there must be another approach which they are using to perform the gigs and deliver them. And surely there is.

Well, the answer is really simple if you think hard enough. Many of the top rated sellers do not perform the gigs by themselves! And you are going to copy exactly what and how they deliver their gigs. You will behave like the monkeys - what monkey see, monkey do!

Has the nickel dropped yet?

Oh, now you get it! Employ someone else to do the job and you simply deliver the jobs when they are ready to the third party buyers and pocket your pay - just like that.

Is it any wonder that this is my favourite approach of working and earning dollars on Fiverr? And I am sure it will be yours too - if you become acquainted with how the process works.

earn dollars online in nigeria

And you do not have to be a guru to be able to do this. As a matter of fact, this is so simple that my 12 year old nephew Jeff Junior does it with ease and he is no genius at all!!! Matter of fact, he usually comes 15th to 20th position in his class in their terminal examinations to show you how dead-easy the dollar business is.

You can imagine the joy the parents have paying his school fees every single term!!! Tell me which parent wouldn't be happy to have a child worth hundreds of thousands of naira every month as their child?

This approach is what is known as outsourcing on the internet.

Outsourcing is where the big money is on Master outsourcing and you have conquered Fiverr! Believe me!

  • So, how do you outsource your services to other people to complete for you and you simply deliver it to your buyers and pocket your money for a job well done?

  • Where do you go to in order to get people who would be willing to work for you at a price that would still leave you with a reasonable margin as compensation for landing the sales?

Well, that is what "The Ultimate Fiverr Blueprint" is all about! Honestly, this one-of-its-kind authoritative guide on Fiverr freelance marketing and the dollar business in Nigeria will teach you all that is involved in working and earning dollars right from your home on the internet doing simple one hour services every day of the week.

the ultimate fiverr blueprint

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  • As a matter of fact, you do not worry about a single thing...

You've never had it so good! Believe me. And the only thing you will worry about is how and what to spend your money on. No lie!

Honestly speaking, you will become an employer of labour. You will seek out people who would be more than glad to perform the above services and even more for pennies and all you will need to do is simply sit back, relax and reap the juicy reward for all your "hard work".

"The Ultimate Fiverr Blueprint" is designed not only to point out the HOT SELLING GIGS on Fiverr, but also to show you HOW to easily perform those services lazily and leisurely and laugh to the bank on a daily basis!

First, we will begin with performing simple gigs that you can easily handle on your own. Thereafter, as you get the hang of working on Fiverr, we will gradually advance to performing even more complex tasks and delivering them with lightning speed on

Opportunities like this one do not come every day. Grab this one with both hands!

But, do not just take my word for it. Check the awesome testimonials below.

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